Saturday, January 9, 2010

Check your stance, you may be standing too low...

Are you standing correctly...?

Check your stance! whatever you call them, Zenkutsu, Kokutsu or Kiba dachi and so on.
Your stance may be too wide or too long...? Put your centre of gravity lower is important but lowering yourself unnecessary could create and rise the tension to the upper part of your body, and also restrict your ability of movements...

Just try to make your stance narrower and shorter than you usually stand, then move your arms, do different techniques and feel the difference...

Don't forget the balance is always an important point!

And don't misunderstand: I am not encoraging you to stand higher!!!

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  1. Sensei
    This is great advice, however there are stances like Hungetsu datchi which pose a real problem, especially if you are a tall person or if you are a little overheight.

  2. Very good food for thought Sensei , Totally agree i think people have got confused in the meaning of deep stances and make too long a stance for appearance purposes which is not practical to move from .

  3. I notice many people standing against the ground (floor)... Check their ankle, hips and especially knees if those joints are not locked! It is not how it looks and it is about balance... If they are locked their joints, then they are not balanced. If they are not balanced it looks funny and can't move properly.
    When I see this I touch their back of knee and start patting then I say relax! See the changes...
    Contracting the muscles are necessary but doing this wrongly could lock the joints and create tension.