Wednesday, January 6, 2010

始動を早く Shidou o hayaku

On Monday, I went to the Dojo and it was my first training this year. This word came up to my mind and we worked on it...

"始動を早く" -shidou o hayaku- (beginning of movement - quick or fast)

Try to punch and kick or block with 100% every action, not to save or control your energy.
But not to tense your muscles is very important. You will increase the ability to focus and feel every part of you working together. Exhausting though!
Also spend more time to observe yourself and to study your habits at the very beginning of the movements...
This will be my main point to work on this year.

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  1. I went to Ochi Sensei's seminar in Siegen yesterday. It was a perfect training for working on the point, Shidou o hayaku! If you focus on this point trainings get twice harder... Ochi Sensei constantly repeated Heian Katas again, again and again as if he knew my new year's resolution... I was totally exhausted after 1 hour but I satisfied:-)

  2. Please be careful and warm enough to do the sudden movements... If you've never trained your muscles as I described, they usually will not react so quickly as your brain sends messages. Those ones who trained should be more careful and give attention... Anyway, doing always a good warm up is very important.