Sunday, January 10, 2010

力を入れる、力を抜く。"Chikara o Ireru, Chikara o nuku"

- contraction and relaxation of the muscles -

1. Contraction of the muscles
 を れる - chikara o ireru
(chikara = power. ireru = input, load, pump...)

2. Relaxation of the muscles
 を く - chikara o nuku
(chikara = power. nuku = take out, pull, remove...)

Speed and power are developed by these two combined, contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Correct and accurate movements and timing are very important to increase them.
Your mind should be focused all the time.
Kime - is the moment of completing the movements (techniques) with the right timing.
(The muscles should be contracted a very short moment. Not to hold them too long.)

How well can you manage those points mentioned above...?

Japanese Senseis say "Strong" that means often No. 1
Japanese Senseis say "Relaaaaax" that often means No. 2
but you need both to make strong and powerful techniques!!!

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