Tuesday, January 12, 2010

道場のみの空手と思ふな - My friends and Senseis...-

I have friends and they are sometimes my Senseis, but not always in the Dojo...
I have known one of them for a long time, since the beginning of my years in Europe (London).
His name is Michael Rice, an architect living in Ireland.

I enjoy listening and talking to him and I have learned many things from him about life.
When we are together, we could turn anywhere into the Dojo, it could be in the field, on the couch or in the car...

I often don't understand what he tells me at that time, because it is sometimes very philosophical, technical or something very crazy for me, and may be because of his Irish accent!
Although I don't fully understand I always listen what he says and it stays somewhere in my brain.
Very often I "visualize and experience" things he said to me afterwards, may be next day, may be a month later or sometimes 3 years later... and it could be anywhere, in the bathroom, while cooking or driving.
I recognize those moments, "Ahaa! this is what he told me!!"
Like opening the cloud around your head and seeing the lights.

It just came to my mind what Master Funakoshi says:
Karate goes beyond the dojo
Dojo nomino karate to omou na

I often realize, discover and learn "Karate" beyond the Dojo...
Not only my friends, the children are also great masters, too and I learn a lot from them.
They are just like a mirror because they behave how we are...

By the way, In Japan, good Senseis don't explain and tell you much. (I can't be a good Sensei because I talk a lot!)
Anyway, even if you don't understand what Senseis say don't stop seeking what exactly he or she means. Better stop understanding from the words they say. Try to "visualize and experience"!!!
If you do that you will find out what and why more correctly.
Sometimes, don't think too much. Often the answers comes up when you are on holiday!
"No mind...!"

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